Balloon Diltation (Valvuloplasty)

Why is valvuloplasty done?

Valvuloplasty is the procedure done to stretch open a narrowed heart valve to improve valve function and blood flow, without having to perform an open heart surgery.

How is valvuloplasty done?

  • A catheter is inserted either into an artery in the groin or in the elbow after the area is numbed with a local anaesthetic.
  • Once the catheter is positioned, a contrast dye is injected through it which reveals the areas of narrowing, with the help of the X-ray images.
  • A balloon-tipped catheter is then inserted through the first catheter and is slowly guided into the heart under the guidance of a video monitor and x-ray.
  • The deflated balloon is positioned in the valve opening, and inflated repeatedly to widen the valve's opening by splitting the valve leaflets apart.
  • Once the valve is widened, the balloon-tipped catheter is removed.
Panel Of Specialist

Dr. Zainal Hamid

Dr. N. Arunachalam
MBBS, FRCS (Edin), AM (Mal)