The iPHER, an individual Personal Health Electronic Record, is a small device that plugs into a computer through the computer's USB drive. Each iPHER carries inside the unique iPHER program.

The iPHER program is a self contained medical record keeping database system. Dr. Naomi Melvin, Founder and President developed the iPHER®™ personal health record software in an attempt to empower patient’s on a global level to record, monitor, store and deliver PHI (Personal Health Information) to any health care provider with a need to know, in the language of the provider. The global portable PHR allows medical tourists for example to carry all their PHI which includes, medications, lab tests, diagnosis, immunizations, alternative procedures, digital images, dental records, ophthalmic care (lens and contact prescriptions) and DNA any where in the world with no need to access the Internet to view the information. Malaysia Healthcare currently uses this PHR to reduce medical errors and create continuity of care for their medical tourists and for their local patients.

The system also allows interactions with hospital, pharmacy and doctor's offices electronic medical records (EMR) so that each can input their records into the iPHER at the click of a button.

• HOW DOES IT WORK? - The iPHER is easy to use. All the patient's medical records are stored inside a device no bigger than the palm of a small hand, the iPHER. You plug the iPHER into a USB outlet located in most computers and the records are immediately available. With just a click of the mouse the iPHER program opens and presents all the medical records in easy to use and read format. The basic iPHER not only stores the program and all programs necessary to run on a computer with a Window's™ operating system, but it has an additional 800 megabytes of storage. This allows storage of multiple high resolution images and a library of medical records.

• DO YOU NEED EXCLUSIVE OR UNIQUE SOFTWARE TO READ THE iPHER? - No. The iPHER is built upon commonly used software. There is no requirement to buy a complete system that can only be used within one hospital or medical facility. The iPHER can be used anywhere Microsoft Windows operates. This gives the iPHER complete portability and readability in any medical environment.

• WILL THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY BE ABLE TO READ AND UNDERSTAND THE RECORDS? - Yes. The iPHER uses language common to Medical Professionals world wide. The unique barcode system employed by iPHER insures that the records for one medical facility exactly match the records and definitions for any other facility. No matter where in the world you may need medical assistance.

• HOW DO MY MEDICAL RECORDS GET IN THE SYSTEM? - The initial records can be placed into the recording device by the patient, the doctor, or his assistant. A unique extremely user friendly screen is provided inside the IPHER that allows most patients or their doctors to enter their records by typing in the information or using a scanner. It takes only seconds to update records for use by any professional. New records can be updated at each Doctor visit or at home at the patients leisure. There is also an electronic link that allows compatible Hospital and Physicians Electronic Medical Records (EMR's) to be inputted at the click of a button.

• IS IT COMPLETELY PORTABLE? - Yes. The iPHER is sold in a convenient credit card sized and shaped USB device but may be placed in many other types of USB systems such as a key chain fob, wrist band or neklace. This compacability allows it to be carried in a purse, on a key chain, or on a necklace. The iPHER comes in many storage sizes allowing for the very large medical files.. There are iPHER's available in sizes that allow over 4 gigabytes of medical information.

• WHAT ABOUT SECURITY? - As many iPHER users count on themselves as their own security system, most iPHER's are delivered as 'OPEN' devices. This allows first responders and healthcare professionals easy access to your records in case of emergency or when you may be unable to communicate. However, iPHER's can be sold with biometric or dual password security. Dual password protection requires the use of a unique password to open the device as well as the database. Each iPHER comes with internal security that encrypts your information to protect from unauthorized access.

Customization is also possible on large purchases. If you would like your organizations logo on the iPHER so you can identify your group to those that use it, just contact us.
The extremely easy portability of your medical records through the iPHER device is accomplished by the unique database program developed to store medical records on the iPHER. The database allows easy readability, recording and ordering of medical procedures and medications by the patient or user of the system as well as your doctor or health care professional.

The database allows a complete history of the type and dosage of all medications to be kept in one place. If your medical condition requires detailed histories of multiple medications or just a running record of the latest dosages, this database will keep it handy and available for any Doctor or Emergency Room. Best of all it is kept in a readable format that can be quickly accessed by the patient or Medical professionals that need to determine the help you need and avoid intermixing of dangerous medications. The database allows your Doctor to see what has been prescribed by them as well as the prescriptions ordered by specialists that you have been seeing.

The iPHER allows all your medical history to be seen quickly, easily and accurately. It also allows the Doctor to order prescriptions for procedures, medications or laboratory tests directly from the program. Each procedure or medication is bar coded to avoid misinterpretation by any Pharmacist or medical professional. Each procedure or medication can be printed with this barcode directly from the IPHER program in three languages. This system avoids mistakes and saves lives.

But the iPHER does not stop there. The program comes complete with a system designed to let the patient enter their own information into the records database. This not only gives the patient control of their health care it allows their records to be taken from one Doctor or Medical facility to another without interfering with government regulations.