The iPHER - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How secure is the iPHER?
Just like your car keys and your credit cards the most important security for your iPHER is you. But the iPHER also comes with an internal security code that prevents duplication or use of your information without the original iPHER being present. Additional security may be purchased in the form of a biometric system (fingerprint) or password protection. In the case of large orders it can be customized to add additional security measures. The iPHER's design and flexibility was predicated on the perception that each individual wishes to be in charge of their own health and access to that health must be determined by the individual.

2. Is the iPHER an EMR?
No the iPHER software is NOT an EMR. An EMR is an Electronic Medical Record used in health care settings and organizations to insure the reliable transfer of information between those stations connected to the system. The iPHER is an individual record of medical information that may be transported between health care settings and organizations and interact with multiple EMR's. The value in an iPHER is it is an individual electronic record that can be transported by the patient between medical facilities. It is not confined to one setting or organization. It does not need an Internet to access its information. Its only requirement is a computer with a Windows Operating System.

3. Can the iPHER be customized?
YES. For large orders the iPHER can be customized to imprint a company or organizations name.

4. Can the iPHER program be customized?
YES. For large orders screen colors, password protection or company logos may be added to the software.

5. Does the iPHER connect to my doctor's EMR?
That depends. If your doctor's EMR service has partnered with us to create the gateway, then yes, your doctor's EMR does connect to the iPHER software.

6. Do you have to be a health care professional to use the iPHER?
NO. The iPHER was developed so that the average patient could record and maintain their own health records. User friendly screens and help menus targeting those who are not proficient in computers were created to allow the average individual to own their own health.

7. How can we back up our information?
The iPHER offers a complete online backup system for all your text records. The first year of backup service comes free with your initial iPHER purchase. Once you have entered your information into the iPHER, connect your computer to the Internet and then go to Patient Information Input (Options). There is a button that backs up your information to our secure, delimited servers. Follow the instructions after you click the button and your information will be encrypted and sent to our secure server for storage and your use.

8. How do I put in my medical history?
Do I have to get records from my doctor? You put in your medical history the way you would put in your regular visits to the doctors office. If he has an EMR link, your doctor can put all his copies of your information in your iPHER with the click of two buttons. BUT, it is not necessary to enter past history. IT IS NECESSARY JUST TO BEGIN. Use the current information that you have when you receive your iPHER. It will soon fill up with relevant medical history as you use it. Keep it current and soon you will have a complete medical history from the time you began the program.